Posted on Nov 1, 2018

Sensible Connect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Yet another master piece from “Team Sensible”

Process flow:
1. Customer is handed over an RFID Tag once he/she enters the Multi Counter Store.
2. Customer chooses few products at each counter.
3. Sales person at counter punches item/s in RFID Tag instead of taking a print.
4. As customer moves from one counter to another the items starts building up.
5. The tag at cash counter is read. All items shall be displayed and printed as final bill.
6. The tag is erased post bill print which is recycled in the store.

1. Faster Checkout.
2. Unnecessary writing/ printing of items at each counter is avoided.
3. Sales person performance can be measured across counters.
4. Special RFID Card can help password less login.

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